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Is it safe to do that?

Recently I had a selection of aerial night photographs published in a number of newspapers, including the Daily Mail, Bolton News and Metro. For those who haven’t seen the article, here’s a link. Daily Mail-Way to Glow  In the comments section of some of the papers, there have been a number of comments criticising me […]

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Infrared Aerial Photography

A few months ago I bought an IR converted Sony Nex 5N, converted at 665nm. I first got interested in IR after reading about it’s use for photographing bombed targets in World War II; the IR apparently allowing one to see through haze. Since haze has been a perennial problem with my aerial shots, it […]

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    Morning clouds I really like the monsoon, unless I’m trying to land in it..the monsoon means clouds, loads and loads of big fluffy clouds. Of course they are not clouds you want to visit, or even get too close to, but upwind, at a safe distance, they’re beautiful.   Cumulus   They are […]

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Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo reminds me of Megacity 1 in the Judge Dredd comics, a huge megalopolis consisting of clusters of high-rise tower blocks of varying social standing, huge canals/drainage systems, over 7 million cars, and the world’s largest swarm of helicopters. The first time I was there we watched a gunfight on a motorway outside the hotel, […]

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