Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo reminds me of Megacity 1 in the Judge Dredd comics, a huge megalopolis consisting of clusters of high-rise tower blocks of varying social standing, huge canals/drainage systems, over 7 million cars, and the world’s largest swarm of helicopters. The first time I was there we watched a gunfight on a motorway outside the hotel, on TV and live from the executive lounge on the top floor of the hotel. Three police helicopters were flying around, streams of kids rushing about trying to get out of the spotlights, and a bus parked across the motorway, with a police cordon around it. I asked the barman what was going on.

“It’s Friday”, he replied.

Don’t think I’ll be going out then…


Miss Universe was on while I was there a few days ago. A bit conceited to call it Miss Universe, isn’t it? How do we know there aren’t billions of better looking aliens out there? Or that we might actually look pretty repulsive to someone from Alpha Centauri?  It’s a bit like the World Series, on a far grander scale.  However, what an appropiate competition for Sao Paulo to host it is; skinny girls with no tits or personalities being herded around by men in suits with earpieces, one of whom I could not help noticing was armed as he brushed past me on his way to intercept a contestant whose gyro’s seemed to have toppled. She was wandering away from the herd that were boarding a bus, and like a well trained dog he ushered her back into the flock without startling her too much.


Don’t bother with shopping in Sao Paulo. Prices are ridiculous: $3500 for a Nikon D7000. It would be cheaper to buy a ticket to the states, spend a weekend in a nice hotel, buy a camera and fly home for work on Monday.


There is not much oppurtunity for photography; it’s not too safe wandering around with a camera. Or a watch. Or even a decent pair of shoes. It’s hardly surprising when you have clusters of apartments of such varying income levels racked up next to each other. It’s not so much a case of the haves and have-nots as the haves and the will haves as soon as you take a wrong turn. There are a lot of very wealthy people and a massive amount of poverty, all cooped up in a high-rise city of 20 million people. No wonder it’s not the safest city in the world. Still four times safer then Rio though.


I have manged a few photographs there, however, mostly within a few block of the hotel.  I found a few nice reflections; one thing Sao Paulo does have is a lot of modern glass-fronted buildings. I also got this one of Morumbi Bridge.


Morumbi Bridge


These I really liked, reflections of  cranes in some windows.





Blue Crane


Be back soon, meanwhile, keep the blue side up!

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