Tree Triptych (IR)LighthouseAl ZubarahBarrage Lalla TakerhoustIR BikerToledo IR PanoramaPyramid and PampasDagobaMunshir HatMaldivesSouthbankHalong BayClouds over KunlunBark MillDead GlacierGobiHandInterchangeIR DogsIR TreesKunlunKunlunKunlun ValleyLabrador CoastLone TreeOpera HousePaddy fieldsPower to the peoplePyramid and PoplarRakaposhiRift CraterRift ValleyRift volcanoesSalt FlatsToledo Mono PanoramamonoTree and boulders.Wheels

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  1. zoe walledge January 13, 2013 at 11:23 pm #

    Hello John and Jackie, i have been looking at your amazing pictures,i feel privilaged to be able to see them, thank you for the invite.
    hope you are both well, may be we will catch up again one day, take care
    lots of love Zoe.xx

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